Trendy restaurants and yummy food

All the buzz about going out to eat in Maine

My husband and I love going out to eat. I mean really, who doesn’t want to take a night off from cooking in the home kitchen and enjoy a cold draft beer with full service food? Here in the Boothbay Region of Maine, there are oh so many restaurants with such enjoyable ambiances as well, sometimes it’s hard to choose. Many of our restaurants sit right on the water with seating looking over beautiful Maine’s ocean. As a tourist town through and through, our restaurant industry is constantly booming. In the winter time, lots of places hit hibernation mode which gives us the opportunity to get off peninsula and explore too!

Not only does our peninsula have some really great restaurants, Maine in general, has been booming with lots of great new restaurants. I’m sure it’s happening at a national level as well but let’s focus here in Maine– we’re getting prime ingredients to spruce up menus now, seeing lots of restaurants do farm to table and so many different places are making their meal presentation top notch. It’s far and few between now, the restaurants that have fries, chicken tenders, and wings on their menu for appetizers. Now it’s vegetables with glazes, salads with weird fruit on them and [we pray] the occasional wings still!

So whether it’s a fun Sunday drive up, or down, the coast of Maine, or a quick zip on the boat to one of our local restaurants, Nick and I just love checking out restaurants, new and old. And most certainly in the backs of our minds, we are always looking for that specials menu deal! Admittedly, it gets EXPENSIVE going out to eat so we’re constantly trying to find fancy beers under $5 or a full on meal for $10– those deals are out there, you just have to hit the right place on the right day.

Side note: We got hooked on looking for deals when we honey-mooned in the Florida Keys and wound up at a Happy Hour one time where they were doing 5 cent shrimp and $2.50 fancy beers. Ever since then, we’ve thought, it’s our mission to find a screaming deal like that right here in our own playground.

So, let’s explore restaurants, the food they serve and the deals they [hopefully] have and give you that advice you’re looking for, from ME to you!