Generational Motherhood

Modern mom gear-head

We all survive motherhood differently, and do what works for us. From the day each one of us found out the most exciting news in the world, advice likely came pouring in from every single direction. Mom’s advice, mother-in-law’s advice, grandma’s advice best friend’s and even husband’s advice. Each little piece of advice contributing to the character of our now children. This is what creates the moms we are today– whether you stick that advice in your back pocket or throw it out, you either agree or disagree and then regenerate it as you perceive it developing our most unique little treasure on earth!

Admittedly, some of my favorite advice came during my pregnancy. Yes- there was some of the hilarious advice like, “eat as much as you want now, you’re only going to be feeding two for a little longer” but what I’m talking about was the advice on BABY GEAR! And this is where my modern mom advice kick comes in. Don’t get me wrong, I cherish each bit of advice from moms past with how they used to do it but as a millennial mom, it’s hard to think of how it was done without all tools made available to us today. For real, the amount of technology incorporated baby items out there are not ony super useful but they’re so cool! I will admit, there are some “over the top” items [and apps] that I can’t imagine anyone actually using but as I said in the beginning, we all survive motherhood differently.

So, in our super technologically driven society, what expecting mom can’t get excited about all of the crazy new gidgets and gadgets out there for the new loved one? When I was pregnant, I spent hours upon hours, researching the best, and only the best, swag for my Eloise. Making my baby registry literally turned into a full-time job. I made sure everything I was getting had the best reviews and was on the top of the list from different websites like Baby Gear Lab, Baby List, Baby Center, The Bump… you name it.

Now that I’ve gone through the most exciting [and challenging] year of my life as my little lady gets ready to turn one next week, I hope to share my gained wisdom on all of the baby products I used from diapers to toys, bottles and gear. Though I’m sure I still have a LOT to learn, I’ll share with you the advice that helped me survive motherhood. My experiences with getting her to sleep, or the late nights up by her side when she was sick, we’ll look at it all. One year down as being a mom, and a successful and healthy pregnancy as well– we’ll explore products together, good and bad and my advice from ME to you!