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A Spring Box of Warmth

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After taking an almost two year hiatus from Stitch Fix, I decided to re-activate my account this Spring in hopes to bring my sense of fashion back. Side note: in Fall of 2017, I found out I was expecting baby number one and immediately cancelled my Stitch Fix account knowing that I would only be exponentially growing from there. And, obviously, it takes a while to get back to the size you want after having a baby– well, now that I’m back to my fabulous new mom bod, I decided what better time to get back to it!

Fix number one had a mix of Spring and “Maine Spring” clothing… by “Maine Spring” I might as well say winter! I reminded my stylist that Spring in Maine can continue to be a bit chilly so I she factored in a few cute items that would keep me warm while still emerging into the Spring temperatures.

I must say, when I was notified that my package had arrived, I rushed home during my lunch break to bust into my first Stitch Fix box. It was filled with a great assortment of clothing that could really be used all four seasons here in Maine which was great. Lots of neutral colors too which I loved. My wardrobe consists of black, grey and navy with an additional pop of color from time to time so the neutrals really hit home! At first sight, I thought my stylist had nailed it with a 5 out of 5 but as I took my clothes out of the packaging and tried them on, I only decided to keep 2 of the items. As a traditionalist when it comes to fashion, anything out of the ordinary defiantly turns me away which can make things a bit difficult for myself. I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to fashion but absolutely enjoyed the feeling I have on Christmas morning when I tore open my Stitch Fix box.

Item #1: Octivia Chestnut Checkered Infinity Scarf

Keep! This super cute infinity scarf is the perfect knit for early Spring [and Fall] temperatures, not too heavy and not too light. It pairs great with a solid colored shirt and looks fantastic over any jacket or tucked into a jacket too. This scarf could be worn during the harsh Winter months to keep you warm when you’re outside or even on a cool Summer night to spruce up a pain dress or tunic. The material is super soft and seems to be pretty good quality. I’m outside with my job a lot so anything to keep me warm until the Summer sun arrives is a keep!

Item #2: Articles of Society Tiana Skinny Jean

Keep! These stretch skinny jeans are the perfect jeans. Dress them up or down, they can make any outfit look super. A darker jean with a nice light wash gives them a classy look. I don’t do distressed jeans because I’ve always got to be ready to fly into work at a moments notice and these fit the part of casual and professional. They can be paired with just about anything– I cute tee on a weekend or with a blazer when you’re at work. The stretch material has just enough tightness to hug the legs and doesn’t stretch out throughout the day either which is an awesome perk!

Item#3: Market & Spruce Marybell Bell Sleeve Knit Top

Pass! Though I love the classic black and white striped shirt, the arm shape on this shirt made me give this a big pass. I have really skinny arms so any sort of bell sleeve looks way too big draping over my tiny arms. The shirt was also a little short on my super long torso and I like to keep my mid-drift covered at least below my hips. Though I wish I could have kept the classic stripes, the shape of the arms killed this one.

Item #4: Market & Spruce Zoie Hooded Henley Knit Pullover

Pass! This classic hooded sweatshirt had a lot of really cute and unique features. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m kind of obsessed with stripes so this initially was quite appealing to me with the striped lined hood and the striped button line. The material was so super cozy and soft too which made the decision to pass on this item really tough. What didn’t do it for me was the color… the grey reminded me too much of a gym sweatshirt and I just don’t do “gym clothes.” When I go out into public, I’m dressed as if I could meet my next best client, every time. So a grey hoodie just doesn’t work for my wardrobe.

Item #5: Billy T Catti Mixed Plaid Button Down Top

Pass! This red flannel had my name written all over it for a weekend shirt to wear around the house. With two different plaid patterns brought together on one shirt, the design was really eye-catching. Paired up with a pair of skinny jeans and a vest, this shirt boasts weekend with any outfit. The traditionalist in me made me turn this shirt away though. The back of the shirt also had a set of buttons going up the back which was just too different for me. Two setts of buttons [on the front and back] was too much going on with the two patterns already so back in the box.

I was super happy with the two new items that I scored but after taking a two year hiatus, I was defiantly a little disappointed. I had hyped myself up and was hoping for a 5 out of 5.

One thing I always like to remember though is the longer you work with your stylist, the better she gets to know you. Once you start sending stuff back with the reasons why, that goes into your file and your stylist will begin to remember each of your weird quirks of what you like and what you don’t… and why!

I typically request my Stitch Fixes every month but opted for every two to three weeks this round in hopes to get new box that will be just my style. Until then!