Keeping Your Tile Grout Clean & Looking New

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If you have tile anywhere in your house, you’re probably thinking who ever came up with the idea to put a porous material on the floor to soak up all of the mud, dirt and whatever else gets on the floor in a day’s time! I for sure wonder that everyday… and, we even made the conscious decision of putting tile throughout our kitchen and all four bathrooms. To make it worse, we topped it off with the beautiful and vibrant white and light grey colored grout, just so you can see every speck of dirt on the floor.

I don’t regret having tile floors [when they’re clean]– but when that time comes when they’re due to be cleaned, and my light grey grout looks like a dark brown, I get into total meltdown mode. I start thinking about whether it might be worth calling one of those companies that specifically cleans and seals grout for $400 too much or if we should just tear up the entire floor and put something different down. All crazy ideas about tearing up my kitchen aside, I face reality and get my cleaning gear on. Though no one has invented a magical self scrubbing solution yet, I rely on the traditional methods of cleaning.

Over the years, I’ve tired a bunch of different “tile grout hacks” — using a high-test cleaning chemical and letting it set on the grout, mixing up some natural remedies, steam mopping, spot cleaning, you name it, I’ve tried it. Though I wish there was an easier way that left perfect results, I have found that the one way that will turn those dreadfully brown grout lines back to their natural colors is old fashioned soap and water.

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This is all you’ll need:

  • hard bristled scrub brush
  • Dawn dish soap
  • cleaning bucket
  • hot, hot, hot water
  • towel[s]
  • and most importantly, pads for your knees!

No one likes to do it but, you really need to get on your hands and knees and scrub, scrub, scrub. Treat your knees right and make sure you’ve got a kneeling pad or knee pads to ease the time you’ll be spending on the floor scrubbing. And, make sure your scrub brush has hard bristles to get all the dirt that has settled in deep. I like to use a towel to clean up the soaking wet floor as I progress throughout the room, it gives it a nice polished look. In the end, your results will be stunning and you won’t have to do it again for a while, I promise!

Check out my kitchen floors below in my before and after shots. Pass no judgement on how bad I let my floors get!

Keep clean!