7 Quick Ways to Update Your Living Room Without Spending a Fortune

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We’ve all had that moment, sitting in front of the TV in the living room, maybe watching that favorite Netflix show, when you start looking around and suddenly realize the space around you needs a facelift. It’s easy to think sprucing up your space is easy with some new furniture and artwork perhaps, until you go online and suffer from extreme sticker shock. Let’s admit it, that stuff can be expensive! So, instead of breaking the bank with that new couch and chair set that might sit in your Pottery Barn cart for the next year, let’s look at a few simple and quick ways to update your living room for a fresh look!

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New pillows or throws! That’s right, instead of buying an entire new couch to change that look, add or swap out your throw pillows. This can completely change the look of your couch and almost make it feel new. With tons of different shapes, sizes and designs, throw pillows will liven up any couch, sofa, or armchair. Any even better money saver– measure your current throw pillows and just buy a new pillow case for it. That way, you’re not getting completely wasting what you’ve already got, unless it’s time for it to go anyway. Make sure your pillows match something else in the room, like the curtains or the couch– it can be overwhelming sometimes if you’ve got too many colors and patterns going.

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Brighten things up with a fresh coat of paint! Whether it’s a completely new color or a new coat of that favorite color you already have up, a fresh coat of paint goes a long way. All of those little scuffs and marks that have appeared over time start to stand out and paint does wonders to make them all disappear. Touching up trim around windows and doors can really make things pop too. If you’re really feeling motivated, don’t forget to touch up the baseboard. Don’t want to paint? Try using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get rid of those lingering marks on the wall. It works for most but can sometimes be difficult when using on a flat coat of paint.

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Accent your space with accessories! Adding a couple of new accents to your room is one of the best ways to change things up for cheap. Whether it’s a fresh bouquet of flowers, a new house plant, new coasters for the coffee table, or a new piece of artwork, it will brighten things up! I recently added a couple of pouff ottomans to our living room and they really made things pop. They provide extra seating, somewhere for hubby to put his feet [besides on the coffee table] and they add extra color!

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Update window treatments! You can completely change the look of a room with new widow treatments. There’s so much out there to choose from and the materials are unlimited. So whether it’s putting up new roman shades or replacing the curtains, or even your curtain rods, they can all spruce things up. Make sure you focus on one color scheme or color palette and don’t get too many patterns going at once either. Remember, when you start to incorporate too many colors and patterns throughout, it can sometimes make a space feel too busy, thus taking away from the room completely.

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Add shelves or incorporate a bookshelf! Shelves are great for extra storage and even better for showing off all of your favorite books, pictures, and trinkets. Adding something as simple as a photo ledge or a free standing book shelf can really accent any space nicely if you’ve got the room. My husband and I did a DIY built-in bookshelf/window bench a few years ago in our living room and it completely changed the look. Adding that texture to the already wall space really gives you the opportunity to display your favorite book spines and your most cherished photos. Shelves are also a big help with keeping your surfaces clear.

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Rearrange your space! This is probably the most complicated but cheapest way to bring a new look into your living room. Rearranging furniture can sometimes be a dangerous act [both literally and physically]. Get the tape measure out and make sure that the couch you think might fit over in that corner, actually fits! Make sure you get an extra set of hands too once you start moving things. Rearranging a space can really open things up nicely. Remember to center your space, keep area rugs ideally spaced between furniture and walls, and if you know what it is, pay attention to Feng Shui.

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Declutter, declutter, declutter! I’ve saved the best for last. This is serious- decluttering is so important in keeping any room in your house looking good and maintaining that “facelift” you’ve just given it. As soon as you start to stack up different piles of unwanted, unneeded, irreverent stuff, you start sliding down a slippery slope. I get it, it’s hard to keep up with all of the toys, papers, hand-me-downs and whatever else falls under your category of clutter. Stay ahead of it, keep organized and assign a spot for things! Baskets are great for organizing and they’re super cheap and look good.