An Introduction to Blogging

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My journey in blogging has taken off and I’d like to give you all a warm welcome to From ME to You, a lifestyle blog that explores the ins and outs of working full-time, embracing the duties of motherhood and especially, taking the time to enjoy life’s fun opportunities in Maine and beyond. From ME to You started with a fun play on words and turned into so much more– in a nutshell, it’s my unique findings as a mom, in my career and playing, all delivered to you, with a twist of Maine… oh, and let’s not forget the fact that it’s a song title from one of the greatest bands, ever.

I’m constantly out and about, chasing the good times each day has to hold. One of my regrets though is that I never write anything down. Especially the stuff so good that you should be sharing it with others anyways so, what better a better place to let it unfold than on a blog. So what’s in the pipeline?

The stuff we can all appreciate, the day-to-day housekeeping hacks, my modern mom motherhood advice and some fun crafty stuff you might run into on Pinterest now and then. Further more, exploring my deep love for food and beer, in my own kitchen and out and about at some of Maine’s best breweries and restaurants. To top it all off, having that much fun in life requires discipline too so yes, exercise and wellness… work hard to play hard!

The other piece that brings all of these aspects of life together is music. Where would life be without music? I know it’s the backbone of what I do so I hope to share new artists and old in playlists that keep me going. Live music here in Maine is making a huge comeback too so I’m here to keep you informed of who’s coming and when.

It will probably take a while to build the basis of my blog but I cannot wait to get everything started and begin sharing, from ME to you!